The Bloom and Gloom

It’s 4.58 a.m. and I’m blogging on my iPhone from a hotel room on the waterfrront in Cambridge, Massachusets. I know it’s incredibly strange but I seem to get the most blogging inspiration slash bursts of creativity when A. I’m in a hotel room and B. It’s 4 a.m.

I should really be asleep but my brain is working like a locomotive.

I’m at another conference this week and one of today’s speakers got me thinking about the bloom and gloom…of course he was talking about industry but I started thinking about life.

There are a lot of flowers in bloom right now in Boston. The temperature is a fluctuating 30 to 50 F and the little buds are like shy ducklings waiting for their chance to dive into the shallow pond.

Blooming actually has a lot to do with the human experience. Every year, just like those flower buds, or the fuzzy ducklings, we are growing. We may not even realize ourselves blooming but we are.

New relationships are like blooming flowers. So are relationships rekindled. The rush of hormones brought on by these relationships literaly make people glow.

Pregnant women glow when they are in bloom. They are not only growing but they are physically and mentally evolving before our very eyes like the first yellow dafodils in May.

Children are forever blooming. So filled with joy, contentment and innocence they are as beautiful and courageous as those first buds in an April shower.

And then somewhere along the line life slaps us in the face with some gloom.

Do we even remember what it was like to be those innocent children? Can we recognize that child in the mirror?

When did we all become so gloomy?

Like the harsh brutal winter winds we all fight demons in our everyday life. Thoughts like I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough or noone loves me creep into our heads like battery acid pouring into your radio box.

Those new relationships are now old and the colors in your cheeks have begun to fade. Replace that natural glow with some bronzer and head out to your useless 9 to 5.

America is depressed.

The once blooming pregnant woman is now flustered nursing the screaming child.

We hide from our gloom through mind numbing tv, brain addicting Internet pages and hand held devices. Our virtual farms, mob wars and sorority closets overtake our natural desire for human interaction and before long we find ourselves completely alone.

America has a pill problem.

So we all go to the doctor and tell them we’re sick. The doctor prescribes the latest form of crack, speed, heroin and we zoom off on our merry ways back to farmville or Kendra or Espn. (this is really not a rant about farmville I promise).

But the pills don’t help, they make us worse. And now we add addictions to the gloom.

How do we get back? How do we get the bloom and get rid of the doom?

Well first we must accept that the gloom, the winter, the harsh side of life, exists and we will cross paths with it.

Secondly we must face these demons head on. Not side stepping, not brushing under the carpet.

Third we have to wait for the spring. When it comes enjoy it! Smell the air. It’s so cheezy but stop and smell the roses.

Talk to children. Admire their light. You can learn so much from them.

Get off the drugs (unless you sorely need them). Stop the binge drinking. And you others who claim you don’t have addictions (lies), get off your farmville, unsuck yourself from the reality tv and go out there and LIVE!

Life is outside your doors. Pay attention.

Relationships go through blooms and glooms. When as a couple you find yourselves in the gloom, reconnect! Remember why you fell in love with this man in the first place. Stop talking. Stop analyzing. Just hold each other, look into each others eyes. Share some intimate time. You’ll be amazed when you see that glow in your cheeks again. Wow look at me!

But mainly stop hating yourself. No one likes a hater and the more you criticize yourself the more it shows in your eyes, in your fake bronzer non glow.

Loving yourself is probably the hardest lesson to learn in life. But when you do…

When you see that bloom in all the gloom…

Wow just look at that glow.