To Laughing, To Crying, To Friends



There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you are around your true friends. 

This weekend my friend Allie has been visiting with me from out of state and it is funny how much I didn’t know I missed her until we were side by side. She is quite a few years younger than me but it feels like we are kindred spirits.

From the first time I met her, we just instantly clicked. She brings out the best in me and her energy is always positive and freeing.

Best of all she is a great friend.

Speaking of Friendship I Would Like to Introduce My First Guest Blogger!

Her name is Christy Birmingham and she is the masterful blogger behind Poetic Parfait, a blog where you can “read poetry, enter discussions about the poetic word, and bring your appetite!”

Visit her website and check out all her beautiful poetry. I love the power behind her words.

Here is the guest post she wrote and it is about, well, you guessed it: Friendship.


Even When


Christy Birmingham (right) with her best friend.

Christy Birmingham (right) with her best friend.

Even when you do not think you can, and
Your cheeks will thank you.
Even when you feel you have already produced an ocean, and
Your mind will sigh with relief.
As your thoughts move away from valleys, and
Turn to the snow-covered mountains you can climb.
Even when you know it is silly,
For your age does not always fit the puzzle of your soul, and
Your memories can shine bright with
The nightlight of friendship.
We stand without emotion,
Looking around for someone to mimic –
Be yourself and stand tall in your own thoughts,
For you can turn your own dimmer onto full throttle
If you smile, cry, watch, and laugh,
Put it on repeat,
And do it all again tomorrow.
© 2013 Christy Birmingham

About the Poem:

Christy says she was inspired to write the poem about her best friend.


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