She Walked In


She walked in,
Without no shoes.
Her bare feet covered in mud.

She walked in,
With her heart on her sleeve.
Defenseless and ready and raw.

And the patrons they turned,
With their drinks in the air,
And their jaws barely hitting the floor.

“Did she really walk in,
Clearly looking like that?
I mean, where does she think she is?”

She walked in,
Without no shoes,
To step right out of the rain.

She walked in,
To face her fears,
And start from the beginning again.

And the patrons, they gasped.
“What a miserable child.
A person who doesn’t fit in”

But she kept walking in,
Defying the odds,
Enjoying the freedom it brings.

She kept walking in.
They don’t know where she from.
They don’t know where she might have been.

She walked in.
Without no shoes.
And her heart like an open book.

And as she walked out,
Back into the sun.
She didn’t give them a passing look.

© Suki Eleuterio 2013
Photo by Barefoot Celebrities.