7 Tips to Be a Better Writer (With Quotes)

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I attended a networking function the other night and was asked by a young lady, “My friend wants to be a writer. How can she go about doing that?”

Surprisingly, I had difficulty answering this question. I found myself pondering the same question: How can I go about doing that? What does it take to be a writer?

Last spring I taught a college freshman class on English 110: Writing and Rhetoric. I started off by telling them that they were all writers, they just didn’t know it yet. I even had them stand up on their desks like the Dead Poet’s Society (so cheesy, yes I know). But after practice, practice, practice, a dash of creative dust, and some grueling grammar tests, I stood in amazement at the writers before me.

By the end of the semester, several students came up to me to tell me how much of…

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