With Liberty and Justice For All

Healthcare is a fundamental Human right. America spends hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars on medical aid overseas but practically has to fight a war on our soil to pass a… Continue reading

Suki’s Yay or Nay for Spring

When I was in high school I was the fashionista of the school newspaper. I didn’t know I was the fashionista, I just knew that I would tell the high school crowd what… Continue reading

There’s Too Many Sunsets That I Haven’t Seen

When I was a kid I wanted to grow up so fast. I wanted to be just like the adults. Things were complicated when I was a child and I thought if I… Continue reading

Get the Dog’s Name, Make it Sing and Don’t Fuck Up

Right now I am sitting in a darkened hotel room with the soft sound of mozart drifting across the room. I’m at the Hotel Hershey sprawled out on possibly the most comfortable quadruple… Continue reading

My Oscar Predictions

Best Picture: The Hurtlocker (CORRECT) I think District 9 SHOULD win but I don’t think it will. Avatar has a slim chance, but I still think the Academy are going to give it… Continue reading


I made this salad that I absolutetly love and thought I would share it here with you. It’s perfect for summer nights (I know, I wish it were sunny out too) and it… Continue reading

Goodbye East End, Hello Sublime

So last night was the last night for the East End Cafe, a hole in the wall bar in downtown Newark. And yes the bar was a hole in the wall, a little… Continue reading

Digital Tears

Oh glowing screen, I feel comfort in you. Lead me away from this field, Of darkness And into the light. With salty tears, And heart in pain, The bright neon lights, Of your… Continue reading

The Only Thing To Fear is Fear Itself

Hello world. My name is Suki and today, after much consideration, I decided to start a blog. Over the years I have drifted from diaries to blogs to writing on scraps of paper,… Continue reading