13 Things I’ve Learned From Living in Florida

I can’t believe that it was 10 months ago that I packed up all my belongings and shoved them into the back of my Mitsubishi. We left Delaware in the middle of the… Continue reading

12 Mantras to Brighten Your Day

Sometimes, when the day is rough, all you need is a great mantra to repeat to brighten your mood. Here are some of my favorites: (Tip: the elephant one is the Hindu God,… Continue reading

You Gotta Fight For Your Right…To Marry!

It began like something out of a Hollywood movie; two young lovers caught in the passions of forbidden love run away to get married only to be met with hostility when they return.… Continue reading

What If We Already Know?

Today I had a sense of déjà vu. I was sitting at work, talking to my coworker- someone I just met- when it hit me. Wow. I’ve done this before. I remembered that… Continue reading

10 Practical Ways To Find Your Happy

So often people go through their entire lives searching for happiness. It’s funny because happiness is so totally abstract. It’s like a Salvador Dali seen for the first time by a middle school… Continue reading

Totally Romantic Quotes From Literature

19 Reasons I am a 90’s Chick (and I Don’t Care)

While this song was stuck in my head, I started musing about the 90’s. It was a time of baggy pants, bubble-gum pop, and reality TV. From crop tops to dungarees, I wore… Continue reading

Wise Words to Live By

The Life You Want to Live

I met an agronomist in a bar one night and he had given up his 9 to 5 to live on a boat for a year and sail around the world. This man… Continue reading

Love, Loss, and Moving Pictures

I lost someone this week. My dear uncle passed away after a long illness.   Through my sadness I found myself turning to his YouTube channel. Flickering videos of his grandchildren, my wedding,… Continue reading