Things I Learned from 5 Months of Motherhood 

   It was 5 months ago this weekend that I welcomed my daughter Mishka into the world. I still remember her tiny hands reaching out for mine. It was an experience I’ll never… Continue reading

Why I Don’t Believe in Perfection

My math teacher in middle school said if you can draw a perfect circle free-handed, you might be a little crazy. That’s when he busted out the compass and showed us this nifty… Continue reading

14 Inspirational Quotes for 2014


5 Spiritual Thoughts For a Happy New Year

I was inspired by this post to think about spiritually healthy ways to start the new year. Each year, at the end of the year, I find myself drawn to my blog to… Continue reading

The Year I Lived in a Haunted House

I found the apartment on Craigslist, which honestly might have been my first mistake. A cute second unit apartment of an old converted home, the hardwood floors and ample light seemed appealing. When… Continue reading

Merry Christmas from Sookton’s Space

10 Most Uplifting Songs of 2013

Recently, I came across this amazing video chronicling the top hit songs of 2013 (you have to watch it): It got me thinking about the songs that came out this year and all the memories… Continue reading

On Parting the Red Sea

Today I was speaking to my father on the telephone and we were having a conversation about God. Over the past few weeks, I have had a strong spiritual calling that I can’t… Continue reading

Thankful for These Moments of 2013

An Ode to Thanks-Giving

Many of the poorest people I know are actually the happiest. Their days may be filled with strife of how to put a warm meal on the table, but once they settle down… Continue reading