Though efficiently tired of the legal mumbo jumbo, I will, for the purposes of predominantly boring my readers while making life simple and neat, hitherto reveal some basic terms and conditions of my blog for legal purposes.

1. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own.

2. Any writing, aside from guest posts, belongs to me and me alone and is copy written material. This writing is not to be used without my permission.

3. Images are my own with the exception of some absofuckinglutely amazing images I come across, that I  link back to their original source.

4. My blog generates income from some sources including advertisements and backlink advertising. I use this income to buy the occasional coffee or donut or other small thing a starving artist/writer may need. I pay careful mind as to the type of advertisements that appears on my page and I feel strongly that the advertising will never affect of distract from the true message of my blog.

5. None of my statements are intended to harm, disrespect, or ostracize any particular group or individual. Sookton’s Space should be one of inclusion and tranquility.

6. I am not responsible for any comments that are mean or degrading and will delete as I see fit.

Now back to your regular programming.