Things I Learned from 5 Months of Motherhood 

It was 5 months ago this weekend that I welcomed my daughter Mishka into the world. I still remember her tiny hands reaching out for mine. It was an experience I’ll never forget. 

This weekend I was thinking about the things I have learned in these past 5 months. I decided to put together a little list. Here is what I found: 

  • You can survive off a lot less sleep than you think (those all nighters in college were nothing). 
  • Motherhood is a full time, no pay, hard work, dirty, roll your sleeves up kind of job, but it’s worth every moment.
  • Breastfeeding is not as easy as it looks. But if you keep going it gets easier. 
  • Look after yourself so you can look after your family – your self care is important. 
  • Make time for your partner. Cuddle, kiss, go on date nights, try not to forget who you were before baby came along. 
  • Peaceful mama = peaceful baby. Spend time encouraging peace and bliss in your home. Breathe. 
  • I never knew how powerful I was until I pushed out a baby. Women are wonderful, brilliant, powerful creatures- respect them. 
  • The house is going to go to shit. I’m okay with that. I’m not superwoman. It will get clean again.
  • Accept any and all help you can (see above, you’re not superhuman). 
  • Making time for creative projects is so rewarding. Keep working on your dreams, so you can inspire your child to follow her/his dreams. 
  • Take pictures and videos, the time goes by so fast. 
  • Enjoy little quiet moments together. The silence, the smiles, the holding hands. These are the moments I’ll cherish. 
  • Be gentle with yourself. Your body has changed. You’re a mom! It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be you. Own all of you- including the flaws- they’re what have made you who you are. 

Are you a new mom? What have you learned since baby was born? Comment below…